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Hospitably invite in
Beer Club and Bistro "DESIATKA"

   Stop for a moment and take a look!
   We are a genuine family, who loves and welcomes our guests. You will be greeted by a positive and dynamic atmosphere!
   Our cooks are not stingy cheapskates, who worry about every extra bit, but generous to all visitors. We love food and enjoy cooking and serving You!
   We are not pretending to be restaurant connoisseurs, our staff are simply enthusiastic guys and gals, who will go out of their way to please you.
   P.S. Our dishes have been described as comfort food. We believe that friendly service and our comfort food are exactly what you need!
   Come by!

We are waiting for you! Visit us from 11:00 to 22:00

Administrator Beer Club "DESIATKA": (0342) 71 2121,
Mobile - (050) 373 8202
Book dishes "take-out" on the phone (050) 338 1656 (050) 338 1656

Focuses your attention!!!
Here are two of our restaurants -
Beer Club "DESIATKA" and Bistro "DESIATKA" with separate entrances!

Administrator Bistro "DESIATKA": (050) 372 8707
Visit us from 11.00 to 22.00

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Beer Club "DESIATKA"
Hospitably invite in Beer Club "DESIATKA" and Bistro "DESIATKA"! Visit us for good beer and taste our dishes and snacks!
st. Shashkevycha 4
Ivano-Frankivsk, Prykarpattia 76000
Telephone: +38 0342-71-2121
Visit us daily from 11:30 to 22:00